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US-3012334-A: Football drier patent, US-3019088-A: Process for producing heavy water patent, US-3028202-A: Journal stop patent, US-3032920-A: Sound producing devices for dolls, and doll bodies provided with sound producing devices patent, US-3044779-A: Game patent, US-3063165-A: Auxiliary sole patent, US-3065670-A: Optical imagery system patent, US-3068211-A: Rigid vinyl chloride resins and processes for their production patent, US-3070979-A: Compound shaft coupling patent, US-3091867-A: Thread pitch gage patent, US-3094593-A: Interval timer patent, US-3106595-A: Process for the operation of electric furnaces by means of continuous electrodes patent, US-3106869-A: Milling machine patent, US-3131334-A: Timed-cycle control patent, US-3138517-A: Metalized laminate patent, US-3138549-A: Anode supporting assembly for cathodic protection patent, US-3145470-A: Butch comb clipper attachment patent, US-3146994-A: Method for the continuous stringing of spacer type aerial cable patent, US-3151069-A: Aquarium device patent, US-3151609-A: Charcoal cooker patent, US-3154008-A: Calender stack patent, US-3158099-A: Flare igniting and supporting device patent, US-3159719-A: Electroacoustic transducers patent, US-3160068-A: Proportioning on cam cutting machine patent, US-3170094-A: Liquid level indicator patent, US-3170150-A: Mensuration device with electronic detection for remote reading patent, US-3173369-A: Explosive shell for powder actuated tool patent, US-3179352-A: Tilt wing aircraft patent, US-3194334-A: Pile driver with steerable self-laying tracks patent, US-3202027-A: Edge shearing machine with magnetic holding means patent, US-3212237-A: Method and apparatus for filtering gas streams patent, US-3213360-A: Electronic gauging system patent, US-3230386-A: Switching means for high frequency signals patent, US-3266503-A: Collapsible shelter patent, US-3274792-A: Icemaker with piston-type ice remover patent, US-3297644-A: Polymerization of gaseous, monomeric formaldehyde patent, US-3300721-A: Means for communicating through a layer of ionized gases patent, US-3304833-A: Three dimensional display patent, US-3307643-A: Apparatus for the removal of tree stumps patent, US-3310795-A: Portable space flood alarm patent, US-3312230-A: Dish-washing machines patent, US-3316063-A: Process for heat-treating liquid sulfur containing carbonaceous impurities patent, US-3319462-A: Tear tester patent, US-3325936-A: Sign for window or the like patent, US-3328192-A: Method of producing optical gratings patent, US-3330243-A: Anchoring device patent, US-3331426-A: Folding partition patent, US-3333097-A: Loose wheel detectors patent, US-3340842-A: Marine safety systems patent, US-3352598-A: Tractor cab mounting apparatus patent, US-3353174-A: Electromagnetic indicator gating arrangement patent, US-3365358-A: Asbestos saturating paper including cellular hollow gas-containing resin spheres patent, US-3365778-A: Method of forming a lighting and transmission line pole patent, US-3382462-A: Frequency modulated crystal oscillator patent, US-3390513-A: Preparative gas chromatographic apparatus patent, US-3403424-A: Carding machines patent, US-3411910-A: Photographic elements containing a hardened gelating layer patent, US-3418816-A: Fender for protecting ships alongside a fixed structure patent, US-3422791-A: Indicating apparatus patent, US-3433451-A: Crypt form patent, US-3438876-A: Forming slots in soderberg anodes patent, US-3443443-A: Transmission mechanism patent, US-3448382-A: Frequency multiplying or dividing circuit patent, US-3449035-A: Stroboscope mirror device patent, US-3452530-A: Rotary cutter patent, US-3482348-A: Automatic hammer safety for revolvers patent, US-3484883-A: End structure for airport gangways patent, US-3493244-A: Collapsible assembly patent, US-3498044-A: Method for producing a latent texturized yarn patent, US-3513139-A: Inhibiting premature vulcanization of rubber patent, US-3514027-A: Wire stitching apparatus patent, US-3525076-A: Counter controlled system for providing dual modes of access to a matrix crosspoint patent, US-3526550-A: Surface preparation of iron-chromium alloy parts for metal-to- glass seals patent, US-3543082-A: Magnetron patent, US-3577721-A: Yarn string-up device patent, US-3583763-A: Linear safety belt retraction device patent, US-3592557-A: Device for axially fixedly and radially displaceably mounting turbine casing parts patent, US-3595452-A: Load-carrying rack for truck bodies and the like patent, US-3603572-A: Method and apparatus for operating basic oxygen furnaces patent, US-3612058-A: Catheter stylets patent, US-3620257-A: Adjustable cleanout cover patent, US-3639142-A: Method of galvanizing patent, US-3643981-A: Steering column assembly support patent, US-3656383-A: Apparatus for automatically cutting connecting tow of continuous filamentary material between tote boxes patent, US-3658044-A: Capacitor discharge ignition system patent, US-3707946-A: Adhesive applying device patent, US-3709242-A: Pressure regulator patent, US-3731644-A: Catamaran vessel and system for loading and utilizing a camper or trailer thereon patent, US-2416833-A: Bicycle generator patent, US-2426276-A: Preparations active against cocci infections patent, US-2426806-A: Machine for fluid treatment of fabric patent, US-2429720-A: Tire chain securing device patent, US-2434017-A: Antiskid device patent, US-2434304-A: Adjustable spring shackle patent, US-2437462-A: Demand valve patent, US-2440126-A: Carriage hood construction patent, US-2447428-A: Automobile tire guard patent, US-2449529-A: Tufting machine patent, US-2481142-A: Corporation stop patent, US-2493887-A: Crane for erecting silos patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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