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GB-190118990-A: Improvements in or relating to Electrical Ignition Devices for Internal Combustion Motors. patent, GB-190119508-A: Improvement in Rotary Engines. patent, GB-190119809-A: Improvements in Bread Making Machinery. patent, GB-190119889-A: Improvements in or in connection with the Paving of Streets and Roadways. patent, GB-190120022-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Maintaining the Water Line in Steam Boilers. patent, GB-190120523-A: Improvements in Receptacles to facilitate the Carriage or Conveyance of Clothes and other Articles. patent, GB-190123201-A: Improvements in Self-closing Valves. patent, GB-190123945-A: Improvements in Apparatus for use in the Manufacture of Artificial Fuel patent, GB-190124848-A: Improved Means or Apparatus for Shipping on to and Unshipping from Barges, Ferries or the like, Railway and other Vehicles. patent, GB-190126072-A: Improvements in Time Recorders. patent, GB-190126751-A: Improvements in and in connection with Detonating Signal Apparatus for Railways. patent, GB-190203162-A: Improvements relating to the Manufacture of Tubes or other Hollow Bodies. patent, GB-190203959-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Cattle Meal, from Miller's & Brewers Bye Products patent, GB-190207271-A: Machine for Saturating Mantle Material for Incandescent Gas Lighting patent, GB-190207629-A: Improvements in Cutting Cloth or other Textile Material where two or more Cloths are laid one over the other and one or more of them requires to be Cut Away to Form a Pattern, such for instance as Appliqué Lace. patent, GB-190208239-A: Improvements in or connected with Marine Signalling. patent, GB-190208987-A: Improved Cider & Fruit Press. patent, GB-190209532-A: Improvements in Drawing and Bulletin Boards. patent, GB-190210188-A: Improvements in the Treatment of Indigo Dyeings on Vegetable Fibre for Increasing the Fastness thereof. patent, GB-190211666-A: Improvements relating to Colouring Matters of the Acridine Series. patent, GB-190213431-A: Improved Appliances for Use in Artillery Drill and Range Finding Practice in a Confined Space. patent, GB-190213912-A: Improvements in, and connected with Braces. patent, GB-190214548-A: Improvements in and connected with Oil, Gas, and other Cooking Stoves. patent, GB-190216510-A: Improved Method of and Means for Making Compressed Fire-lighters, Compressed Fuel and the like. patent, GB-190220027-A: An Improved Oil Skin Dressing patent, GB-190220669-A: Improvements in or relating to Artificial Fuel Briquets and the Method of Manufacturing the same patent, GB-190220682-A: Improvements in and connected with Apparatus for Printing Telegraphs. patent, GB-190222905-A: Improvements in Fluid Pressure Brakes for Ordnance. patent, GB-190223576-A: Improvements in Rifles and other Small Arms. patent, GB-190223687-A: Improvements in or relating to Fire Places. patent, GB-190224077-A: Improvements in and relating to Bearings for Pulleys, Shafts and the like patent, GB-190224194-A: Improvements relating to the Production of Gas from Bituminous Coals and the like. patent, GB-190225000-A: Improved Hydraulic Sealed Centre Valve for Working Gas Purifiers. patent, GB-190225296-A: Improved Cuff Holders patent, GB-190225989-A: Improvements in Window Holders for Sliding Sashes patent, GB-190228227-A: Improvements in or relating to Boots and Shoes. patent, GB-190300520-A: Improvements in Staples. patent, GB-190301160-A: Improvements in Steam Traps. patent, GB-190302277-A: Improvements in Arc Lamps patent, GB-190303906-A: Wire Splicing Sleeve patent, GB-190305140-A: Improvements relating to Driving Belts and Chains. patent, GB-190306994-A: Improvements in or connected with Tonsilotomes. patent, GB-190308470-A: Improvements in Propellers for Vessels patent, GB-190309489-A: Improvements in or relating to Joiner's Ploughs. patent, GB-190309740-A: Improvements in Chess and Draught Boards and Men. patent, GB-190310608-A: Improvements in or relating to Motor Bicycles or like Vehicles. patent, GB-190310755-A: Improvements in Automatic Electrical Alarm Apparatus. patent, GB-190311698-A: Improvements in Self-regulating Systems for Electric Light and Power. patent, GB-190311793-A: Improvements in or connected with Marine Sound Signalling Apparatus. patent, GB-190312213-A: Improvements in or connected with Means for Transmitting Energy, Varying Speed and Starting, Stopping and Regulating Engines or Motors. patent, GB-190313707-A: Improvements in Mechanisms for Mounting and Driving Dynamos on Railway Trucks. patent, GB-190316125-A: Improvements in Lubricating Substances for use in the Manufacture of Bricks, Tiles, Pottery and the like. patent, GB-190316756-A: Improvements in and relating to Mechanism for Cutting Thin Sheet Material such as Paper and the like. patent, GB-190317680-A: Ventilator patent, GB-190319864-A: Improvements in Delivery Mechanism for Rotary Web Printing Machines. patent, GB-190322398-A: New or Improved Materials or Combination of Materials to be Used in the Manufacture of Sanitary Towels Surgical Bandages and other like Articles. patent, GB-190323383-A: Improvements in Controlling Rudders and other Mechanism. patent, GB-190325468-A: Improvements relating to Surface Grinding Machines and the like patent, GB-190325665-A: Improvements in Race Games and the like patent, GB-190325749-A: patent, GB-190325972-A: New or Improved Means of Preserving the Strength and Keeping Powers of Solutions of Alkaline Chlorides and Oxychlorides Employed for Bleaching, Disinfecting, Separation of Metals and other such like purposes. patent, GB-190326875-A: Improvements in Scarf-pins. patent, GB-190326895-A: Improvements in Steam Generators patent, GB-190327374-A: A Tie Fastener patent, GB-190328091-A: Improvements in Metal Trunks and Fasteners therefor. patent, GB-190328596-A: Improvements relating to Turnstiles patent, GB-190328662-A: Improvements in Electric Chain Welding Machines. patent, GB-190401116-A: Improved Means for Raising and Lowering Glass Globes and Chimneys patent, GB-190401330-A: Improvements in the Construction of Wood Paving and Flooring Blocks and in Fasteners for Securing Together Component Parts of such Blocks. patent, GB-190401415-A: Safety Appliances for Mining and other Hoists patent, GB-190401419-A: Improvements in and relating to Clutch Mechanism for Controlling Varying or Freeing the Driving and Braking Gear of Motor Cycles and Velocipedes and Means for Operating and Releasing same, also applicable for Shutting Off the Supply to the Motor. patent, GB-190401890-A: Improvements in Siemens' Regenerative Furnaces patent, GB-190402167-A: Improvements in or relating to the Manufacture and Waterproofing of Leather, Leather Cloths, and all kinds of Animal and Vegetable Fabrics patent, GB-190403597-A: Improvements in Yarn or Thread Doubling and Twisting Machines and the like. patent, GB-190405075-A: Improvements in Pendulums patent, GB-190406849-A: Manufacture of Many-coloured, Marbled, or Unequally Mixed Paper, and Apparatus therefor. patent, GB-190407084-A: Improvements in Luffing Derrick Cranes patent, GB-190409614-A: Improvements in or connected with Steam Engines and Valves therefor. patent, GB-190409831-A: Improved Means for the Regulation of Electric Circuits for the Production of Constant Current, or Constant Potential, or of both. patent, GB-190410274-A: Improvements in connection with Resilient Wheels for Vehicles. patent, GB-190410700-A: An Improved Self-locking Nut and Bolt. patent, GB-190411993-A: Improvements in and relating to Photographic Dark Slides. patent, GB-190412413-A: Improvements in Gas or Air Compressors or Pumps patent, GB-190414105-A: Improvements in Means for Connecting the Electrodes of Galvanic Batteries with their Leads. patent, GB-190415187-A: Improvements in or relating to Scales and Weighing Machines. patent, GB-190415188-A: Improvements in Frame Saws for Cutting Stone, Marble, Granite and such like Materials. patent, GB-190417736-A: Improvements in or connected with Wood, and in Vulcanizing or Hardening, Preserving, and Treating same. patent, GB-190417813-A: Improvements in Systems of Electric Motor Control patent, GB-190418126-A: Improvements in or applicable to the Variable Speed Driving of Machine Tools and the like. patent, GB-190418314-A: Improvements in and relating to Window Frames and Sashes. patent, GB-190418421-A: Improvement in Card Holders and Card Displayers. patent, GB-190418845-A: Improvements in Earthenware Letters. patent, GB-190419593-A: Improvements in Locks. patent, GB-190420516-A: Novel or Improved Disinfecting Apparatus for use with a Flushing Cistern. patent, GB-190421280-A: Improvements in or relating to the Construction of Theatres, Hospitals and similar Buildings. patent, GB-190421794-A: Improvements in and pertaining to Punkah-driving Apparatus. patent, GB-190422781-A: Improvements in Railway-car-couplings. patent, GB-190424587-A: Improvements in Furnaces. patent, GB-190424761-A: Improvements in Life Boats. patent, GB-190425617-A: Improvements in and relating to Gramophones and like Sound Recording and Reproducing Instruments. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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