Closure units for containers


1281573 Pipe joints GKN SANKEY Ltd 18 Aug 1970 [27 Oct 1969] 52476/69 Heading F2G A closure unit for fitting to a neck 33 of a container (not shown) to receive pipes for fluid transfer to and from the container, includes an inner tubular member 11, a cup member comprising a tubular sleeve 25 and a separate annular base 26 connected by a bayonet fitting to the sleeve 25, an inner valve member 16 and an outer valve member 30, the valve members being pressed on to their respective seats 15, 28 by compression springs 17, 31. Insert 14 provides both a seat for the inner valve member 16 and carries the outer valve member 30. The inner valve member 16 is attached to valve stem 22 which when depressed passes through a ring 19 of a spider member 18 which supports the spring 17 and prevents the depressed stem 22 from limiting the fluid flow in down pipe 12, which is of smaller diameter than the inner tubular member 11. The spider member 18 has three legs 20 radiating from the ring 19. The base 26 of the cup member is a ring having relatively depressed and raised portions in its circumference. The depressed portions have recesses in their outer surface so that the base 26 can be inserted into the tubular sleeve 25 with these recesses aligned with radially inwardly pointing lugs 34 on the base of the sleeve 25. The base 26 is then pushed further up into the sleeve 25 against the action of spring 31 and then rotated and allowed to fall back to the bottom of the sleeve 25 so that its raised, non- recessed portions contact the upper surfaces of the lug 34 and the base 26 is firmly secured to the sleeve 25. The valve members 16, 30 may be operated by a coupling member fitted to the neck of the container which has portions which abut the valves and depress them against the action of springs 17, 31. Such a closure unit might be fitted to the neck of a gas pressurized beer keg and in this case the down pipe 12 would extend almost to the bottom of the keg.




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