Improvements in tennis rackets


1282545 Tennis racket R SPENLE M CHERVIN and J SANTINI-ORMIERES 6 March 1970 [28 March 1969] 10820/70 Heading A6D A tennis racket frame is formed of two superposed metallic tubes, each having a pair of parallel, straight extensions forming the handle, the two pairs of extensions being joined by transverse stays which prevent relative transverse movement but permit relative longitudinal movement when the handle flexes. The upper and lower pairs, 6, 5 respectively, pass through holes in stays 2, 3 and 4. Both pairs are welded to stay 2 whilst only the lower pair 5 are welded to stay 3 and only the upper pair 6 to stay 4. Alternatively, both pairs of extensions may be welded to each stay and horizontal slits are provided in the stays in the plane mid-way between the two pairs, Fig. 5 (not shown), the stays being resilient. The tubes may be filled with a deformable plastics.




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