Improvements in and relating to Torsion Scales.


128,378. Smith, W. S. June 17, 1918. Balances, counter-scales, and the like; spring balances.-In a torsion scale of the under and over weight indicating type, the beam 2 carrying the weight-pane 4 and pivoted by a knife-edge 3 on the base 1 is provided with a pair of stirrups 14 to which are connected the ends of a flexible band 12 passing over a drum 11 carried by a torsion strip 9 which is mounted between uprights 8 so as to be independent of the pivotal mounting of the beam 2. The stirrups are adjustably secured to the beam by means of pin-and-slot connexions 15, and their faces 16 are shaped as circular arcs with the point 3 as a centre. A counterweighted indicator arm 18 carried by the strip 9 and preferablv attached to the drum 11 works over a scale 20 graduated from the centre 21 to show under and over weight. When the scale elements are moved out of normal position, the strip 9 is placed under stress by the movement of the band 12 and the arm 18 moves in the same direction as the beam 2. To prevent slip, a pin 13 on the drum 11 passes through the band 12. Downwardly-projecting stems 5 on the pans 4 are pivoted to a brace-rod 6 which is centrally pivoted at 7.




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