A camera for photographing a scene stereographically


1284107 Stereoscopic photography DAI NIPPON INSATSU K K 17 Nov 1969 [28 Dec 1968] 56124/69 Heading G2A A camera for photographing a scene in the form of a stereograph comprises a first mechanism for moving a lenticular screen or a slit across a photo-sensitive surface, a second mechanism for opening and closing a shutter and a third mechanism for controlling the travel of the camera on a rail, the camera always pointing at the interest being photographed. In the embodiment shown, the first mechanism consists of a lever 10 pivoted to a framework 8 and which contacts a lenticular screen 9 at one end and is coupled to a nut 12 at the other end. The nut is held against rotation and moves along a bolt 11 rotated by a motor 18. The second mechanism consists of a metal member 13 fixed to the nut which actuates a limit switch 14 to energize and de-energize a solenoid 16 which opens and closes a shutter 19. In another embodiment, the lever is moved by an eccentric cam (20) with which is rotated a disc (23) having projections (A<SP>1</SP>), (B<SP>1</SP> ), (C<SP>1</SP>), (D<SP>1</SP> A limit switch (24) is closed when contacted by a projection, but otherwise is open. The on- and off-signals are used to control the movement of the camera along the rail and to operate the shutter. In operation, the camera moves an initial distance along the rail to obtain a constant speed, the shutter is opened and then closed during which the lenticular screen has moved over the photo-sensitive surface a distance equal to one pitch of the screen.




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