1284859 Centrifugal casting machines TSEN. TRALNY NAUCHNO - ISSLEDOVATELSKY INSTITUT TEKHNOLOGII MASHINOSTROENIA 18 June 1971 [18 June 1970] 28734/71 Heading B3F Centrifugal casting apparatus comprises a mould 1 rotatable about a horizontal axis and having at one end an inlet hole 7 with tapered walls 14 at its outer end, a runner-forming member 16 with an outlet end 22 whose shape is congruent with that of the tapered walls, and means for pressing the outlet end 22 against the tapered walls 14. The member 16 is mounted on an arm (17) which is pivotable about a vertical axis so as to move the member 16 towards and away from the mould. It is pressed against the tapered walls 14 by means of a piston and cylinder unit (25) detachably connected to the end of the arm (17). The mould 1 has a cast iron housing 2, steel end-caps 3 and 4, steel bushings 5, moulded parts 10 and 11, a refractory lining 33, a steel disc 8 having a hole 9 for letting out gas, and a cast-iron insert 6. The junction between the rotating mould 1 and the stationary runner-forming member 16 is cooled by a spray of water so that plugs of solidified metal 35 and 36 form in the inlet hole 7 outlet 22 respectively and prevent communication between the molten metal in the runner system and that in the mould when the latter is full. The apparatus may be used to cast a composite roll, a flux being introduced into the mould between the pouring of metal for the outer layer 34 of the roll and that for the core 15.




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