Game apparatus comprising a bobbin and ejector device


1286504 Devil-on-two-sticks toy BENTO PRODUCTS Ltd 19 April 1971 [19 Nov 1969] 56571/69 Heading A6S A double headed top 2 is ejected from a device 1 having two interconnected arms 3, 4 one of which, 4, is a single blade arranged to work in a slot 5 in the other, which has two parallel blades 3', 3". The top 2 has an axle with two end parts 16, 16' arranged to engage the blades 3', 3", the end parts having a larger diameter than the middle part 17 which contacts the blade 4 so that the top spins when ejected. The top may have conical or part spherical heads 12, 13. The arms of the device 1 may be scissor-like, Fig. 1; pivoted at their base; or one may be a sliding fit in the other, Fig. 4 (not shown); they may be urged to the open position by springs or elastic 8. The device I and top 2 may be of plastics.




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