Cutting or slicing apparatus


1286597 Apparatus for cutting slices PITTERS PTY Ltd 6 Feb 1970 [12 Feb 1969] 5905/70 Heading A4C A slicing apparatus comprises a cutter 2 movably mounted on a frame 6 and connected to a driving means so as to be reciprocable or oscillatable, for example by means of cams, along a path of travel, and a slice thickness gauge 19 coupled to the cutter to reciprocate in response to the cutter reciprocation along a path extending obliquely to the path of travel of said cutter whilst maintaining the distance between the gauge and cutter constant, the gauge being located in advance, relative to the path of the cutting stroke, of the cutter to allow passage of cut material between the cutting edge 4 and gauge 19. The cutter 2 is removably mounted on a carrier bar and may reciprocate along a straight path but preferably oscillates along an arcuate path, the bar 3 being pivoted to parallel arms 5 having pivot shafts 9, one or both of which is connected to the driving means. Material, and fish in particular, to be cut falls down a plurality of vertical shoots 16, the bottom edges of the material engaging one or more gauge plates 19 when when the cutter 2 is in a retracted position, Fig. 5 (not shown). Plates 19 are adjustably mounted on a cross-bar joined to side bars 18 which reciprocate through bearings 22, fixed to frame 6, by engagement of rotatable rollers 25 on bars 18 with the carrier bar 3. During reciprocation the cutter 2 moves from its retracted position through the material to be cut to an extended position adjacent a backing plate 12, the cutting edge 4 being substantially tangential to the path of the cutter in the extended position. Cut portions of material pass between the cutter 2 and plates 19 during the cutting stroke and fall on to a conveyor 13.




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