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  • Publication Date: September 06, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1288378-A


1288378 Measuring force electrically SOLARTRON ELECTRONIC GROUP Ltd 13 Nov 1969 [18 Nov 1968] 54706/68 Heading G1N A transducer comprises a ferromagnetic strut 11 in which resonant transverse vibrations are excited by an electromagnet 12, 41 in a part of the strut extending between clamping blocks 13 and 14 which latter are supported by four bars 16 on blocks 15 so that axial compression or extension of the strut causes the bars to roll along the blocks 15, the resultant change in resonant frequency or amplitude of the vibrations being detected as a measure of force applied to the strut. To measure fluid pressure it is applied to a diaphragm 25 fixed to an end of the strut. The detector comprises a pick-up coil 37 on a core 41 and feeding an amplifier 38. The four rotatable bars may be replaced by three balls or by a ball and a roller or by two bars, The rotatable members may bear directly on the strut.




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