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  • Publication Date: September 20, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1289965-A


1289965 Lubricating; valves TECALEMIT (ENG) Ltd 26 Nov 1969 [3 Dec 1968] 57369/68 Addition to 1105383 Headings F2A and F2V The lubricating apparatus described in parent Specification is modified in that the control unit comprises a cylindrical first housing 23 axially reciprocable by air under increased or reduced pressure, and a second housing 19 reciprocably rotatable by the first housing through at least two balls 21 between and contacting the housings and co-operating with helical troughs 20, 23A in each of them. The balls 21 are retained in helical slots in a fixed keeper ring 22. The second housing 19 is free to rotate about the shaft 1, and is able to turn the shaft in one direction only by means of a pawl 15 on the housing engaging a ratchet 14 secured to the shaft, thereby operating lubricant pumps 3 through cams 4. The housing 19 may be constrained from rotating by further balls 24 situated in axial troughs 25, 26 in the housing and fixed member 29. The controlling air supply is admitted to the chamber 16 by the aperture 13.




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