• Inventors:
  • Assignees: Basf Ag
  • Publication Date: November 01, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1294745-A


1294745 Herbicides comprising 1,2-benzoisothiazoles BADISCHE ANILIN- & SODAFABRIK AG 25 March 1970 [26 March 1969] 14482/70 Heading A5E [Also in Division C2] A herbicidal composition comprises a solid carrier and an active compound having the formula wherein n is 0, 1 or 3; R denotes H or an optionally halogen-substituted aryl, aralkyl or cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon radical or independently denotes any of the radicals which can be denoted by X, and each X independently denotes halogen, nitro, amino, cyano, thiocyano, alkoxy, chloroalkoxy, an aliphatic hydrocarbon radical, a substituted ureido radical or an acylamino or halo-acylamino radical (as defined), or a substituted amino radical notionally or actually derived from an aliphatic, carbocyclic or heterocyclic amine containing at least one NH or NH 2 group by removal of a hydrogen atom from the, or one of the, NH or NH 2 groups. The composition may also contain a hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon fraction or organic liquid having a boiling point above 150‹C.




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