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  • Publication Date: November 08, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1295923-A


1295923 Blasting CARBORUNDUM CO 11 Sept 1970 [22 Sept 1969] 43570/70 Heading B3D [Also in Division B8 A conveyer for an abrasive blast cleaning device 10 comprises interconnected slats 28 forming an endless belt 14, each slat 28 extending perpendicular to the direction of conveyor movement and having arcuate-section grooves 34 disposed at an acute angle e.g. of about 55 degrees to this direction. Each slat 28 includes a flange 30 arranged to be driven by sprockets 16-20, and a series of pipe segments of part-circular cross-section may form the grooved slat surface. The conveyor may be located in a housing 12 having a door 12 and an abrasive blast wheel 24 for batch treatment, or may form part of a continuous treatment apparatus (not shown).




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