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  • Publication Date: November 22, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1297329-A


1297329 Electric motors K TSUNODA and S OHTO 14 June 1971 27762/71 Heading H2A The casing 1 of a motor, particularly for battery-operated toys, is formed of a resilient plastics material and has an end wall 3 providing a bearing 4 for one end of the armature shaft 5, and other bearing 6 being provided by a cap 2 of resilient thermoplastic material which is a snap-action fit in the other end of the casing and forms a second end wall. As shown, the cap is formed with hooped tongues 17 which engage apertures 15 in the casing. A pair of arcuate permanent magnets 11, (12) are press-fitted between longitudinally-extending ribs (13) (14) inside the casing and the cap 2 carries a pair of brush-mounting blocks 21, 27, Fig. 4, slotted at 23, 24 to receive the bases of L-shaped, leaf-spring brushes 10 and the ends of terminals 9 which extend through and project from the outer face of the cap.




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