Improved Safety Guard and Stripper for Hand or Power Presses.

  • Inventors: WILLIAM SAY
  • Assignees: William Say
  • Publication Date: July 24, 1919
  • Publication Number: GB-129892-A


129,892. Say, W. Oct. 29, 1918. Guards and strippers for hand and power presses such as embossing on severing machines or severing and embossing or shaping machines. The stripper and guard 1 is secured by screws 13 to the base 8 and has on the underside a feeding- slot 2 ending in a projecting stop 4 which serves so to space the guard from the projection 8<1> on the base that the fingers cannot be inserted. The hole 3 through which the upper die or plunger works is surrounded by a wall 10 on which bears a renewable sleeve 12 fitting the plunger, the sleeve projecting to such a height that the plunger is never free.




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