Chromium-containing complex dyestuffs

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ciba Geigy
  • Publication Date: December 06, 1972
  • Publication Number: GB-1299195-A


1299195 Chromium-containing complex dyestuffs CIBA-GEIGY AG 22 Dec 1969 [23 Dec 1968] 62342/69 Heading C4P The invention comprises complex dyestuffs of Formula I wherein A 1 , A 2 , A 3 and G each complete or in the case of G represent a mono or binuclear aryl radical, B is the radical of a coupling component, which couples o to X 4 , or an o-hydroxy benzene or naphthalene residue when W is = CH-, M<SP>+m</SP> is a colourless cation, m being the valency thereof, W is =N- or =CH-, X 1 is -O-, X 2 is -O- or -COO-, X 3 is -O-, -COO- or -#N-SO 2 R, or when W is = CH-, X 3 may also be -#N-R, where R is an unsubstituted or hydroxysubstituted C 1-4 alkyl radical or an optionally substituted phenyl radical, X 4 is -O- or when W is =N-, X 4 may also be -NH- or -#N-R and n is an integer from 1 to 4, and wherein the radicals A 1 , A 2 , A 3 , B and G may be further substituted, -N=A 2 -X 2 - forms with Cr a 6-membered ring and G-N=N- is bound to A 1 , A 3 or B, each G-N=N- being bound to a different aryl radical and the groups G being the same or different. The dyes of Formula I, which give mainly green shades on wool and synthetic polyamide fibres, may be obtained by reacting, in any chosen sequence, a triazole of Formula II and a dyestuff of Formula III wherein X 1 <SP>1</SP> is -OH, a C 1-4 alkoxy group or an acyloxy group, X 2 <SP>1</SP> is -OH or -COOH, X 3 <SP>1</SP>, when W is =CH-, is OH, COOH, -NH-R or -NH-SO 2 R, and when W is =N-, X 3 <SP>1</SP> is -OH, -COOH, C 1-4 alkoxy, carbalkoxy, or acyloxy, and X<SP>1</SP> 4 is -OH or, when W is =N-, X<SP>1</SP>, may also be -NH 2 or -NH-R, and with a chromium-releasing agent, and optionally reacting any acylatable amino groups present with compounds containing reactive groups or atoms to produce reactive dyes.




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