Domestic food treatment appliance


1300572 Mixing apparatus; coffee mills KENWOOD MFG (WOKING) Ltd 9 April 1970 [29 May 1969] 27370/69 Headings B1C and B2A [Also in Divisions F1 and F2] A coffee mill or liquidiser comprises a casing 12 having a slidable inner drum 11, a detachable lid 14, and a driven shaft 18 with a cutter 19 protruding through the base of the drum, the lower external end of the shaft terminating in a coupling member 20 which is arranged in use, by attachment and depression of the lid 14, to co-operate with an external coupling member 21 but which when the lid is not engaged is prevented from coupling by the action of helical spring 13, loacted between the drum 11 and casing 12. The lid may be locked to the casing by a bayonet connection 15, 16. In a modification, the greater part of the floor of the casing 12 is removed so facilitating complete removal of the inner drum, shaft and coupling member, the return spring 13 in this case is supported on a remaining floor segment (33) Fig. 3 (not shown) and on the upper faces of downwardly projecting ribs (28) arranged around the rest of the circumference of the lower casing 25. The external coupling member may be part of an isolated drive motor or auxiliary drive of a domestic mixing machine. The lid may be of sufficient mass to cause co-operation of the coupling members without locking the drum and casing.




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