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  • Publication Date: January 04, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1301821-A


1301821 Insect trap IWATANI & CO Ltd and DAISHINSHOJI KK 5 Jan 1970 476/70 Heading AIM An insect trap particularly suitable for cockroaches comprises a plastics box having a removable cover and at least two entrances 50, 51 leading to a central compartment which is closed by inwardly inclined flaps 53, 54 of lightweight material which, as shown, are pivotally suspended on axles 55, 56 and supported against abutments on the bottom plate of the box such that insects drawn towards the smell of bait placed in the central compartment can push the flaps open inwardly. In the embodiment shown the bottom plate 40 has two guide routes 42, 43 each of chevronshape cross-section with the steeply inclined surfaces 48, 49 innermost so that cockroaches will fall down them. The cover 41 has parallel slits 53, 54 formed in the upper plate 52 into which the flaps 57, 58 are inserted such that the axles rest on the cover side walls. In a further embodiment each entrance has two double flaps in series to reduce the possibility of an insect escaping as another insect enters the trap. The flaps may be of aluminium or plastics material with serrated lower edges 59 and with a plurality of small holes to reduce the weight, or formed of rows of comparatively stiff parallel bristles (Fig. 10, not shown).




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