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  • Publication Date: January 31, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1305435-A


1305435 Suction cleaners HOOVER Ltd 13 April 1970 [14 April 1969] 17451/70 Heading A4F [Also in Division B1] A suction cleaner has a casing 10 containing a motor-fan unit 26 producing an air flow through a filter 35 to an outlet socket 36 at one side of a carrying handle 101 formed integrally with a moulded plastics support member 75 secured to the top wall 34 of the cleaner casing, and a cover 86 is moveable to open an aperture 84 in the member 75 to permit connection of an exhaust hose to the socket 36, or to close the aperture 84 so that air leaving the socket 36 is deflected by the cover 86 towards the opposite side of the handle stem to be discharged through a diffuser 104 provided with a filter 125 and a cover 112 having discharge openings between longitudinal ribs 121. In the path of the air flow between the socket 36 and the diffuser 104, when the cover 86 is closed, is a pivoted vane 127 of a device for indicating when the dust bag 21 is full. The vane 127 is tilted by the air flow except when the flow is reduced by the fullness of the dustbag, when warning indicia 143 on the vane 127 becomes visible through a window 144. The electric power cable 59 is mounted on a brake controlled reel 55 and is retractable through an end cover of the cleaner casing to any length desired.




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