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  • Publication Date: January 31, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1305494-A


1305494 Endless conveyers for animals CINCINNATI BUTCHER'S SUPPLY CO 21 May 1971 16351/71 Heading B8A An animal is engaged with a bleeding conveyer 54 by being walked at 8 into engagement between opposed endless belt conveyers 16, 18. These restrain the animal so that it can easily be stunned by a device 62, and can be secured by a shackle and chain 52 to the conveyer 54. The conveyers 16, 18, are mounted at 44, 44, so as to have a portion (equal to the length of an animal) which is cantilevered out beyond the supports. A grid 72 restrains the animals from jumping upwards from out of engagement with the conveyers 16, 18. The conveyers 16, 18, feed the animal to a shoot 66 from which it is conveyed upwardly and away, by the conveyer 54.




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