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  • Publication Date: February 07, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1305502-A


1305502 N-secondary alkyl alkane diamines and derivatives thereof PFIZER Inc 30 April 1971 [16 Dec 1970] 12527/71 Heading C2C [Also in Division A5] Novel compounds of the Formula II or III and acid addition salts thereof wherein Y is (CH 2 ) n , where n is 2 to 5; R 1 is C 4-13 alkyl; R 4 is hydrogen, C 1-20 alkyl, C 3-7 cycloalkyl or phenyl optionally substituted by halogen, C 1-4 alkyl or alkoxy, cyano or trifluoromethyl; R 5 is R 4 or thienyl, furyl or pyridyl; or R 4 and R 5 together with the carbon atom to which they are attached are C 3-7 cycloalkyl may be prepared (a) in the case of II by reacting a compound of the Formula I wherein one of R 2 and R 3 is CH 2 CH 2 OH and the other is hydrogen with an aldehyde or ketone R 4 R 5 C = O; (b) in the case III reacting a compound of the Formula I wherein R 2 is hydrogen and R 3 is C 1-20 alkyl with an aldehyde or ketone R 4 R 5 C = O.




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