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  • Publication Date: February 07, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1306295-A


1306295 Selective punching devices RANDOMATIC DATA SYSTEMS Inc 17 March 1970 12683/70 Heading B4B A selective card punching device comprises a card carrier 64 movable on a support frame 10 by means of a step-by-step device so as to expose successive areas of the card C to a number of punches 50, the stepping device including a rack 105 mounted on the carrier and adapted to be engaged by a pawl 110 pivoted on the frame and actuated by the plunger of a solenoid 116 the plunger having an end 124 which is laterally shiftable to bias the pawl out of engagement with a tooth of the rack and thereafter be deflected laterally to free the pawl for engagement with the next adjacent tooth. The carrier is slidably mounted on a guide rod 70 and provided with a plate 82 for retaining the card in the carrier. In order to prevent a card being inserted into the carrier unless the latter is in its correct starting position a blocking bar 88 is pivotally mounted on the rod 70 and formed with a portion 92 adapted to project into a slot 96 formed in a back plate 66 of the carrier when the latter is not in its starting position. When the carrier at the end of a punching cycle is returned to its starting position against the action of a spring 102, the bar is pivoted by a screw-and-cam means (100, 101), Fig. 9 (not shown), so as to move the portion 92 out of its blocking position. The punches 50 are each associated with their respective solenoids 54 and arranged to cooperate with a die block 42, Fig. 5. In operation, the carrier is moved to its starting position as shown in Fig. 2, the head 108 of the pawl 116 riding over the teeth on the rack; the pawl is formed with an elongated hole mounted on a pivot 125 and due to the tension of the carrier spring 102, the pawl moves to deflect the end 124 of the plunger of the solenoid 116 as shown. Upon depressing a selected key on a keyboard, the solenoid 116 is energized thereby retracting the end 124 to the position shown in Fig. 10b and, simultaneously, energizing the particular solenoid so as to punch a notch in the edge of the card. The solenoids 54 are then instantly returned by springs 51 and a spring (118), Fig. 10a (not shown), of the solenoid 116 causes the end 124 to depress the adjacent end of the pawl 110 so as to allow the carrier to be indexed along one tooth space in readiness for the next punching operation. In the modification shown in Fig. 8, a second card carrier 126 is connected to the carrier 64 for movement therewith so that a previously punched card can be placed in the carrier 126 and, by an arrangement of sensor switches 146, cause the punches to punch a duplicate card placed in the carrier 64; more than one extra carrier 64 may be associated with the sensing carrier 126, each additional carrier having their associated punches and solenoids.




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