Assisting cardiovascular circulation

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Arntzenius A C
  • Publication Date: March 21, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1310726-A


1310726 Apparatus for aiding cardiovascular circulation A C ARNTZENIUS 29 Sept 1970 [24 Nov 1969] 46186/70 Heading A5R Apparatus for aiding cardiovascular circulation by moving the body synchronously with the pumping action of the heart comprises a support for supporting the body for movement, heartbeat sensing means, and a power system, responsive to said heart beat sensing means for moving said support synchronously with the pumping action of the heart. In the embodiment shown a table 10 supports the body 12 of a patient, a mattress of bodycontoured rigid polystyrene foam being arranged between the patient and the table, and straps 16 are provided to securely fasten the patient to the table. The table 10 is actuated to reciprocate along an axis substantially parallel to the long dimension of the heart by a hydraulic servomotor 34. The apparatus for controlling the servomotor and therefore the reciprocation of the table, in response to the heart beat of the patient thereon is illustrated in block diagram form. The heart beat sensing device 18 is preferably electrocardiographic apparatus for sensing the instant of each individual heartbeat and its amplitude. A circuit diagram of an R-wave detector and artifact rejection circuit, Figure 8 (not shown), which is utilised when the ECG is employed as an operating signal, is included. Also included is a circuit diagram of the electronic control system of the invention, figure 7 (not shown). An alternative embodiment is mentioned, wherein a chair for the patient is rotated to and fro in a manner similar to the weight on the pendulum of a metronome.




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