Display container

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ferrero & C Spa P
  • Publication Date: May 02, 1973
  • Publication Number: GB-1315278-A


1315278 Article display stands P FERRERD & C SpA 5 Jan 1972 [7 June 1971] 533/72 Heading A4T [Also in Division B8] A display container comprises a support element 2, having recesses 3 for elongate items 4, fitted into a collapsible box 1 having a rear wall 8 of greater height than the front wall 6, tapering side walls 10 and a hinged lid 11. The support element 2 is vacuum formed in thermoplastics material and is in the form of an inverted tray. The side walls 10 have creases A, B to enable the walls 10, 8, 6, to be folded inwardly when the support element 2 is removed. The lid 11 has a tongue 16 formed by a U-shaped incision 13, crease lines (C) at the ends of the incision, and a terminal flap 12 to allow folding of the lid to the display position shown. The flap 12 is received between the front wall 6 and the element 2 when the lid is in its closed position.




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